Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot Times with Fangoria

I was pretty cranky when I first started blogging last week, but things have been looking up ever since. After meeting a few of the wonderful staff from my favorite magazine, Fangoria, a few months back at a burlesque show; I've been fortunate enough to have an ad for my two movies featured twice (December and January Issues). And the January issue ad is a large and beautiful pull out poster of the above image. Gotta say, there's a smile on my face right now. It's easier to feel confident as a filmmaker when you can walk into any Barns & Noble and see your work on the magazine stands. Oh, and I should also mention that my good friend / fellow artist, Carlton Kotalo of Spiderbite Studios, created this ad.

More good things are on the way too. Yesterday and today, I spent numerous hours on the set (as a crew member) of the newest Fangoria film production, Feather. Meeting other horror fanatics, and making sick movies together is a long held fantasy that is finally coming true :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010's Magick Moment

While 2010 had some rough times, I'd have to say that the month of September was pure magick. Both the image above, and my profile picture were taken on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. One of the countries I've dreamed about visiting my whole life. Prior to going, I was horribly stressed over the release of my new film, and at times it felt like my world was falling apart; but the spirit of Ireland helped to put me back together again. On the way to Ireland, I had a three day stop over in Iceland which was also amazing. I'd recommend staying at a hotel near Iceland's blue lagoon to anyone who feels lost and beaten down. For anyone who's interested, I've uploaded a bunch more pictures to my facebook page:

This all put something into perspective for me. Yes, I'm completely broke from taking trips that I couldn't afford, and more so from making films that aren't turning a profit; but perhaps I haven't been paying any attention to the big picture. The bank account may be empty, but my mind has been nourished. Two of the biggest things I've ever wanted to do can be checked off my list. Making movies, and travelling. It sucks being in so much debt, but looking back... it was all worth it. Haha, the plane could have crashed on the way back to the US and that would have been ok because I could say "I had the time of my life"(and I wouldn't have to pay off the bills). But, alas, I'm still alive. So I'll make 2011 the year for moving forward and seeking success in new endeavors. There's more travelling to be done, and more movies to make.

Today was the first day shooting sequences to what may be my next big film project. A strange yet comedic web series inspired by a deep personal fear of mine... Alien Abduction. Of course, that's a whole other blog entry. I'll write more on it soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm waking up

Hello New World,
So I wasn't really in a coma, but that's certainly what it felt like. I've been living in the past for the last few years completely blind to what's happening in the world around me.

Here's what tipped me off: Just a few weeks ago I was at Blockbuster video renting something. Later that day I raced back with that crappy something hoping to exchange it rather than having to hold onto it for a whole week; essentially wasting my money. To make a long story short, there was drama, the customer service sucked, and I left empty handed as the store clerk remarked "We don't guarantee you'll like what you get." So I tossed my Blockbuster card in the trash and figured I'd try this new thing every one's talking about... Netflix.

Sigh, thank you Blockbuster for the slap in the face. If it weren't for that bad experience, I'd have never tried something new. And surely, everyone reading this knows what Netflix is... it's the future. Getting exactly what you want, when you want, the way you want. Now to keep from sounding like this is some lame ad, I'll get to the point. The year 2010 was all about me getting slapped in the face and having to adapt to the "world of the new."

Making movies is stressful as Hell, and I've just completed my second feature "Pantheon Black." That's 5 years of restless nights wondering how and even if I'd ever finish the film. Finally, production wraps, and my masterpiece is ready to go out into the world. Little did I know how much the independent film industry had changed over the last few years. "What do you mean I have to promote my own film, isn't that the distributor's job?" I asked foolishly. So I spent the next few months penniless and exhausted, drained from the film making process and completely unable to take the necessary steps to get my art out to the public. Major slap in the face.

Like Netflix, I'd heard of blogging. Many of my filmmaker buddies said it's the best way to promote your work. And earlier today I made the decision to get off my sorry ass and start telling the world that I'm here; not just to promote my art, but to stop being depressed and pitiful. I'm transforming the endless hours of pacing in the livingroom and stressing over my future into writing an honest critique of myself for the public to see and judge; something I'd never have considered in the past. I guess that's my new year's resolution; to come out from beneath this rock I've been hiding under and join the rest of the world.

I've thought about it a lot, and realised that regardless of my financial situation, I can't stop making films. It's the only way that I truely express myself. So for my next movie, I'll be approaching things differently. Guess I'll be setting up a twitter account next.