Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010's Magick Moment

While 2010 had some rough times, I'd have to say that the month of September was pure magick. Both the image above, and my profile picture were taken on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. One of the countries I've dreamed about visiting my whole life. Prior to going, I was horribly stressed over the release of my new film, and at times it felt like my world was falling apart; but the spirit of Ireland helped to put me back together again. On the way to Ireland, I had a three day stop over in Iceland which was also amazing. I'd recommend staying at a hotel near Iceland's blue lagoon to anyone who feels lost and beaten down. For anyone who's interested, I've uploaded a bunch more pictures to my facebook page:

This all put something into perspective for me. Yes, I'm completely broke from taking trips that I couldn't afford, and more so from making films that aren't turning a profit; but perhaps I haven't been paying any attention to the big picture. The bank account may be empty, but my mind has been nourished. Two of the biggest things I've ever wanted to do can be checked off my list. Making movies, and travelling. It sucks being in so much debt, but looking back... it was all worth it. Haha, the plane could have crashed on the way back to the US and that would have been ok because I could say "I had the time of my life"(and I wouldn't have to pay off the bills). But, alas, I'm still alive. So I'll make 2011 the year for moving forward and seeking success in new endeavors. There's more travelling to be done, and more movies to make.

Today was the first day shooting sequences to what may be my next big film project. A strange yet comedic web series inspired by a deep personal fear of mine... Alien Abduction. Of course, that's a whole other blog entry. I'll write more on it soon.

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